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Chipotle Rub

Chipotle Rub


Heavily influenced by the subtle flavor and heat of several Mexican chiles this is not considered a smoking hot rub but features deep complexities that one would expect from the smoky flavor of Chipotle Chiles, the mild fruity flavor of the Ancho Chile and the earthy sweetly mild flavor of the New Mexico Chile.

This full body rub is spectacular on grilled chicken and we have also found great success with it on skirt steaks when used as a fajita seasoning and it is heavenly on chicken wings. When used as rub we have found that 1-2 tablespoons per pound of meat works best. As with most rubs rub the seasoning evenly onto both sides of the meat and then refrigerate for at least 1-4 hours before cooking.

Please, no more than 12 oz. 

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