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Chili Peppers, Japones, Whole

Chili Peppers, Japones, Whole


Japones chiles, Capsicum annuum, are widely used in Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. Pronounced "ja pon aaas", this versatile chile is one of the most common dried red chiles and in larger urban areas can be found relatively easily in various Mexican bodegas as well as Indian, Korean and other Asian markets. You’ll often find these in bulk bins and they’re almost always missing their caps and stems.

Some believe that Japones get their name from the Spanish word for Japanese. Chile historians believe that the japones chile is indigenous to Jalisco and the central valley of Mexico although they are not widely used by native Mexicans. Because of this there is little to no historical information of significance on this chile.

The Yucatan region is one of the leading producers of habaneros but these chile peppers are also harvested in Costa Rica, Ecuador, California and Texas. Our Habaneros are grown in Ecuador.

Please, no more than 12 oz. 

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