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Chili Flakes, Crushed Pepper

Chili Flakes, Crushed Pepper


This condiment is most often produced from cayenne-type peppers, although commercial producers may use a variety of different cultivars (this product being a Guntur cultivar), usually within the 30,000–50,000 Scoville unit range. 

The town of Bukovo in the Republic of North Macedonia is credited with the creation of crushed red pepper.The name of the village — or a derivative of it — is now used as a name for crushed red pepper in general in a number of Southeast European languages: "буковка" (bukovka, Macedonian), "bukovka" (Serbo-Croatian and Slovene) and "μπούκοβο" (búkovo, Greek).

Please, no more than 12 oz. 

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