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Chamomile Flowers, German

Chamomile Flowers, German


Chamomile is traditionally brewed into a somewhat fruity and slightly bitter tea that is gentle and comforting. Versatile chamomile is also an ingredient in skin care creams and lotions, relaxing bath blends and shampoos and conditioners for light-colored hair.

  • Product Features

    • High-quality sustainably grown organic chamomile ideal for wellness tea
    • A pleasant choice for a relaxing, calming cup of herbal tea
    • Cultivated product, rather than wild-harvested to assure careful attention to harvesting and processing for maximum quality

  • Note: "German chamomile" is the common name of the species Matricaria recutital, which is grown around the world, and not an indication of where the chamomile is sourced.

Please, no more than 12 oz. 

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