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Blue Christmas Mimosa

This delicious drink has so much fun potential when using our Blue Mango tea. Bringing a fruitiness to the classic mimosa that will have you wanting to recreate this delight even out of the holiday season! So call your friends over for some boozy tea or just unwind with yourself for an at home holiday.


  • You will need clear Christmas orniments which can be found at most hobby stores or online.

  • You will also need flute wine glasses.

  • We recommend cold brewing your tea over night before use for the best color.

  • We also recommend using small serving vessels for your juice and wine as it is much easier to pour into a small opening.


  • White wine

  • White Cranberry Juice (We chose a while peach-cran juice)

  • Blue Mango Tea

  • Gold Edible Glitter


  1. Grab your wine flutes and pour one third of the glass full of your Blue Mango tea.

  2. Take your ornaments and pour in some of the glitter. Using a little, your drink will come out more red and using more it will come out more gold.

  3. Next in the ornament pour equal parts white wine and white cranberry juice.

  4. Now set your ornament on the opening of the flute and serve!

  5. When you serve your drinks, you and your guests can pour the ornaments contents into your flute and watch the Christmas magic!


For a virgin of this drink, you simply take out the wine. The crabberry will still cause the reaction.

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