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Pineapple Double Happiness Flowering Tea

Pineapple Double Happiness Flowering Tea


A pop of pineapple is just what anyone needs now and then! This delicious blooming tea can make any tea party shine with its delicious and vibrant pineapple flavor that will have you asking for a second cup! 


The strand of flowers, known as Shuang Xi Lin Men (双喜临门), means 'double happiness comes to the door'. In tradition this is represented by the magpie bird in a plum tree, due to the fact that magpies in China are believed to bring good luck and happiness. These are often used in Chinese weddings in the hopes to bring this luck and happiness into the newly wed couples lives. 

It surprises many people new to tea to learn that green tea and black tea originate from the same exact plant species—Camellia sinensis. It’s ultimately the variety of tea plant and how the tea leaves are processed that defines how green tea becomes “green” and black tea becomes “black”.


Typically, green teas are brewed in short infusions at around 160 to 180 degrees. Don’t scorch your tea! If the water is too hot, especially for green tea, your tea will release more bitterness and astringency more quickly.


Using about 1 pod of tea per one five cup pot of water is a safe bet. 


Always start with fresh, pure, cold filtered water when you brewing tea. Spring water is the best. 


Cover your tea while it steeps to keep all the heat in the steeping vessel.


Most high-quality loose leaf white teas can be steeped multiple times.

Please, no more than 12 oz. 

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