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Onigiri Three Ways

Onigiri is one of the most well known and loved dishes from Japan.

The origin of the present form of onigiri dates back to between 794 and 1185 during the Heian Period, when there was a food called “Ton-jiki.’ Ton-jiki was brown rice packed firmly into an egg shape, and given out in imperial and noble houses for the servants to show the nobles appreciation.

Over the years the egg became a triangle and became more of a household staple in Japan.

These rice delights are also fun and easy to make, so here are three different recipes to make them!


  • 1 1/2 Cup of Rice per Rice Ball

  1. (We highly recommend using Japanese Rice, as most others are not stick enough.)

  • 1 Sheet of Seaweed

Tuna Togarashi

Garlic Sesame

Salted Seaweed

(Special editor note: This one is -VERY- seaweedy, so those who like seaweed will like this one.)


  • Precook your rice and have it in a bowl to easily scoop out.

  • Divide your sheet of seaweed into strips that are easy to grab.

  • Have 3 sheets of cling film out.

  • (Note: When it calls for wet hands, this is important so that the rice doesn't stick to your hands)


Tuna Togarashi

  1. In a small bowl, mix together mayo, tuna and Shichimi Togarashi.

  2. Wash your hands.

  3. With wet hands, scoop out roughly a cups worth of rice and create a patty.

  4. In the center of the patty create a small well.

  5. Scoop some of the tuna mixture into the center then add about a half cups worth of rice to enclose your filling.

  6. Place the mixture on a sheet of cling film.

  7. Wrap the rice into a ball and shape into a triangle.


  1. In a small bowl take a cup and a half of rice.

  2. Add sesame seed, sesame oil, soy sauce and a pinch of salt.

  3. With wet hands mix the ingredients together.

  4. Transfer to a sheet of cling film.

  5. Wrap the rice into a ball and shape into a triangle, make sure to compress the ball tightly.

  6. Add some sesame oil to a pan and bring to heat.

  7. Carefully unwrap the onigiri and place into the pan. Be sure to be gentle with the Onigiri , flipping it until you get a nice sear on both sides.

  8. Once seared take off the heat and wrap in seaweed paper.

Salted Seaweed

  1. In a bowl add a cup and a half of rice with wet hands.

  2. Add in the Dulse leaf, and mix the two together until well combined.

  3. Transfer to a sheet of cling film.

  4. Wrap the rice into a ball and shape into a triangle, make sure to compress the ball tightly.

  • From here unwrap your onigiris and wrap in your seaweed paper.

  • Optionally you can sprinkle the Shichimi Togarashi on top of your Tuna Onigiri

  • Optionally you can sprinkle garlic salt onto the sesame Onigiri

And finally, enjoy!

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